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30% OFF Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium discount
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30% OFF Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium Coupon
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30% OFF Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Premium Coupon
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Comparing Different versions of Nuance Dragon
Features Dragon Home Dragon Premium Dragon Professional Individual Dragon Legal Individual
Speech engine Very fast and accurate but not as fast as Dragon Premium Twice faster than the Dragon home when it comes to delivering results Its speech and dictation engines are faster than the Dragon Home and Premium softwares. The software is highly reliable Has the most sophisticated speed engine that can use over 400 million words from all legal documents stored
Price Prices starts from less than $100 Prices start from $139, depending on the seller Available at prices starting from $300 Most expensive, as prices start from $500
Wireless features Does not have wireless headset Bluetooth version Does not come with a wireless Bluetooth headset but has a mobile version Works with wireless Bluetooth headset and it is three times faster than typing Comes with a wireless version that works with wireless Bluetooth headset
Supported operating systems Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, XP , and Vista Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, and Windows 10 Not supported on Windows XP and Windows Vista, but it is available on Windows 7,8 and 10 Windows 7, windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows server 2008R2 and 2012
Internet browser supported Works with Internet explorer but not Google Chrome Works perfectly with all Firefox and Internet explorer versions, however, some voice commands do not work on Google Chrome Supports all web browsers, however, such browsers must be available in their current versions Supports only Windows Internet Explorer 9, as well as the latest Chrome and Firefox
System recommendation Requires a free Hard disk space of at least 2GB, 1GB of RAM, and a Sound Card that supports 16Bits of recording
Requires a free Hard disk space of at least 5GB, 1GB of RAM, and a Sound Card that supports 16Bits of recording Requires a free Hard disk space of at least 8GB, 2GB of RAM, and a Sound Card that supports 16Bits of recording Requires a free Hard disk space of at least 8GB, 2GB of RAM, and a Sound Card that supports 16Bits of recording
Features not available Does not support Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint No Bluetooth technology device It does not come with any roaming profile feature, and does not work with Medical Record Systems It does not support dictation into devices such as Electronic Medical Records
Cons Has limited functionalities Messages recorded in noisy environment can by patchy, however, its features are not too complex and require much less training to use.  It can come with some nasty installation issues that will require technical support While the software is very effective, learning some of its features can be very complicated It can be effectively use in noisy environment without any interference with the results
nuance dragon naturally speaking 13 legal
Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13

Dragon naturally speaking Home, also known as Dragon Home, is used to compose statements orally, and then navigate through the web through voice commands . The Dragon Home version 13 is the most recent version of this Windows OS dictation product that is designed to enhance productivity in many ways, through many ways; It helps remove the stress of typing physically, and helps you speak freely to achieve better and faster results. Dragon Home is compatible with most applications on Windows, thus it can work with; Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet explorer, Firefox Mozilla, and Firefox Mozilla Thunderbird. This is one of the best voice command software you can find in the world today.


- It is capable of supporting dictation in webmail,
- provides improved speed and accuracy in getting search results,
- It is capable of picking up different language styles through the scanning of emails(including yahoo and Gmail), and Google docs.
- It can be used in controlling basic computer functions, including web browsing, and launching of a documents.
- It learns different language patterns and the words you use most to refine searches on internet or your computer.
dragon home 13 tools
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13

This is the advance version of the Dragon Home. It comes with several features that cannot be found in the Dragon home, and it still retains some of the basic features from the Dragon home. This is an high end Dragon product that will require you to get a Nuance-approved microphone in order to use it. Though, this product is pricey but it offers the most accurate voice recognition solution you can ask for. The software boasts of a revamped user-interface, with a much easier navigation and support for a wide range of audio sources such as; digital recorders, computer microphones, and smartphones. Dragon premium performs flawlessly with a normal recommended microphone.

The Dragon Premium comes in three different versions, these are; The Standard, Wireless, and Mobile versions. The Standard version is cheaper than others, while the wireless version works with the Bluetooth headset and costs more than the standard version. The mobile version works with the digital voice recorder, and you can use this in dictating while you are out. You can also transfer the recorded voices to the Dragon premium software for processing.


- aside turning your speech into text, Dragon premium can also help you dictate into Open office applications, make posts on your social medial profiles, and schedule appointments on your calendar without even typing a single word.
- Unlike some voice recognition software, you don’t need any extra noise cancellation device such as head-gear to use this software.
- You can turn the microphone on and off, in order to access all its features and settings.
- It doesn’t work with Google chrome browser.
dragon naturallyspeaking 13 premium
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual 13

Since 1994, Dragon professional Individual software has undergone rapid changes, and when it comes to accuracy, this software seem to score higher than most other voice recognition softwares. It provides a dictation box transfer that can be used to navigate through websites or emails, and it comes with a word interpretation feature that helps you interpret different words from different languages. This software simply drives productivity in the work place through its fast and accurate dictation and transcription features, thus, giving you the best level of customization you can expect.

It comes in two different modes; the Trial and advance mode. In the trial mode, you can launch the software for up to 5 times, and this version is free. The advance mode comes with unlimited usage at affordable price.  This is one software that is suitable for disabled workers, though, learning some of the features of the software can be a little complicated. Dragon Professional Individual comes with easy command capabilities and excellent accuracy scores that make it suitable for everyone. Like any other Dragon software, this software becomes more accurate as it learns your accent, and pronunciation of words.


- You need to open a voice profile before you start using this software. The software also helps you develop the knowledge of using it, s it becomes a valuable tool.
- The software makes use of simple customizable commands that can be very easy to use. The software can be programmed to open an email template, or a specific page number of a document or file, this will definitely save you time as it eliminates the need to search for folders.
- Some functions of this software can be easily turned on from the settings, these include the dictation  settings and the microphone.
- Other features you can find on this software include; Execution of custom commands through the use of key strokes, and mouse clicks, text formatting, corrections and revisions, in-built commands for opening and closing or navigating through applications, custom vocabulary words and pronunciations, and the ability to install it on multiple computers once you have been licensed.
dragon pro 13 in action
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Individual 13

With Dragon legal individual, you can speed up the turnaround of the delivery of legal documents . Though it is one of the pricey softwares from Nuance, but its power and deliverability make it one of the easiest and fastest voice recognition software in the world. This software comes with a legal vocabulary that can help you retrieve the most complex legal documents in few seconds. This software comes with a new level of documentation productivity whereby you can edit, create and format file cases or retrieve contracts, citations and briefs with a voice command. This software will not only boost efficiency, it will also reduce your transcription costs, and create a faster documentation turnaround effect.

There are basically three versions of the Dragon Legal Individual software; The basic dragon Legal individual, The Dragon Legal Individual upgrade, and Dragon Legal Individual wireless.  The dragon legal Individual basic is for first time users who want to improve productivity of legal documentation through accurate dictation easy customization and rapid transcription. The Dragon Legal Individual upgrade is available only to the users of the previous Dragon Legal professional and Dragon legal premiums, who want to upgrade . The Dragon Legal wireless comes with a wireless Bluetooth headset that you can use to edit, dictate and format your legal documents accurately and quickly through Bluetooth technology.


- It requires a free hard disk space of about 8GB, and a minimum RAM size of 2GB.
- It comes with an in-built microphone and can also work with any Nuance certified microphone.
- Requires Intel Dual core, or any equivalent AMD processor to function.
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